Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Sunday Story: The Magic Space Pictures

For today's radio show, we'll hear the episode "The Magic Space Pictures" from Space Patrol!  This was a show from the early 1950s that featured the adventures of Commander Buzz Corry, the head of the Space Patrol, and his sidekick Cadet Happy.  They have adventures, solve mysteries, and usually end up being overpowered and knocked out cold in every single episode.  They were probably the two worst candidates for Space Patrol officers, and their constant mishaps are actually pretty funny, but the B-grade plots and thinly-disguised-Soviet bad guys are campy fun.

(A word of warning: the constant ads for Chex cereal still work 50 years after the fact.  After hearing too many of them, I had such a craving that I started buying Chex regularly.  So stock up.)

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  1. Too fun! There is so many iconic elements of the era at play here. Listening to this, I couldn't help but feel like a wide eyed youngster growing up in the 50s. :)

    Plus, Chex for the win always! I love that so many (all?) of their varieties are GF and that many are available here in Canada. That makes Chex one of the few mainstream cereal brands with GF offerings that we have thus far in this country (thankfully there are other more all-natural/organic brands with some varieties, too).

    I hope that things are well on your end this week, sweet gal.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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