Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Sunday Story: Guy Fawkes Night, by The Price of Fear

Hello all, and welcome to today's edition of the Sunday Story!  I was hoping to put up a blog post between last week's story, but with life being busy and me recovering from a cold, it was not to be.  So while I prepare what's in store for next week, settle in and listen to this week's pick: Guy Fawkes Night, from the BBC show The Price of Fear.

The Price of Fear was hosted by the one and only Vincent Price, who would either simply narrate the stories or (my favorite) would recount a (fictional) story involving himself.  This is one of the latter.  It involves a mysterious disappearance, an insane woman, and a bonfire.  Vincent Price could read the phone book and make it sound chilling, and this episode definitely delivers his stories' special brand of unease and creepiness.

Click below to listen, and enjoy!

Guy Fawkes Night, by The Price of Fear
 Audio hosted by; radio image via simplyuse on Deviant Art

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