Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Highlights

Now we're at the end of 2015, and it seems like it passed even faster than the year before.  This year offered a lot of new experiences and we had a lot of fun, trying new things and exploring our corner of the world a little better.  We had a tintype made, took some trips, I went sailing for the first time, and we went to the best restaurant in the whole wide world (Monell's, folks).
At the close of 2015, here is a look at some highlights from the year, via my Instagram.

L-R: 1) At Third Man Records, 2)  Girl Gang photoshoot, 3) Meeting King Kong at Dinosaurland!
4)  Paddle-boarding and swimming at the beach, 5) Hiking in Harper's Ferry, 6) The waterfall at Stone Mountain park, 7) swimming in the Shenandoah river, 8) Our tintype, 9) A scenic swamp found while walking through Harper's Ferry

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  1. Goodness, did it ever! Even with my husband being away for work during three months this past summer, the year still flew by remarkably quickly. It feels like mere days ago I was taking down last year's Christmas decorations and here were are soon to embark on that task again. Fingers firmly crossed that 2016 slows down at least a little.

    Huge hugs, joyful New Year's wishes, and many sincere thanks for all of your wonderfully nice blog comments throughout the past year.

    ♥ Jessica


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