Monday, October 12, 2015

Star Trek Damsels: Episode Two

For the second entry in this series, I'm going for the ultimate Star Trek damsel : Edith Keeler, doomed 1930s humanitarian who has to get run over by a car in order for history to proceed in an orderly fashion.  (Oh well, these things happen...)  Despite the fact that she spends her time working in a soup kitchen and a halfway house, Edith is portrayed by the fabulous Joan Collins, so she always has a little sparkle in her otherwise dowdy ensembles.
The hair is questionable, but at least her eyeliner is on point.
 To imitate the look, I used an ELF eyeshadow trio in brown for a low-key smokey eye.  Revlon's Berry Rich, with a nude shade and gloss over top, gives a nice pale but flushed lip color.

A few coats of mascara, translucent powder, and a Wet n' Wild wine-colored blush provides the look of the humanitarian beauty queen (is that a thing?  Because that's basically what Edith was.).

With my hair teased and sprayed to death, I can now go forth and wear sweaters and provide jobs to  time travelers!  Or something.

Next week: a catty sort of Star Trek damsel...


  1. Epic!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I mean that positively, of course!!! You look like a million dollars in this chic Star Trek inspired ensemble.

    1. A late reply, but thank you much! I'm having a ton of fun doing these!


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