Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Shopper, vol. 2

Hi folks!  We've been enjoying a nice long weekend, traveling a bit and taking advantage of the opportunity to slow down a little.  In lieu of a regular post -- and while I tidy up some interviews and such coming soon! -- here are a few cool items I found at ModCloth that I think you guys will like, too.
                                                                   Paris Cafe Cardigan
A perfect sweater for fall or spring, with this scalloped details offering a little 1920s flair.
                                                       Artistry of Arrangement organizer
One day I will be perfectly and totally organized, never misplacing anything.  Until then, I'll be using organizing trays like this one.
                                                              Deep Tea Diver
I like tea, and I really like loose tea leaves.  This little guy will make your tea strong and your teacup look cute, too.

                                                                    Marceline Boots!

I think Marceline would approve of these Doc Marten's, don't you?

Chunky but girly, these would look equally cool with jeans as they would a vintage wiggle dress.


  1. For what is arguably the first time this summer, I slowed down this long weekend as well and plan to take the rest of the week fairly leisurely, too. I need a good battery recharging before we launch into the fun and hecticness of a jam packed autumn.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. I always think my autumn will be slow and empty, but instead I always end up packing each month full of stuff. I'm really trying not to do that this year!


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