Monday, September 28, 2015

Star Trek Damsels: Episode One

There are two things in life that I love: makeup and science fictioni.  Let's put the two together, shall we?  I'm hereby introducing a new series called Star Trek Damsels!  
This series was inspired by the typical random babe that would appear weekly, with her false eyelashes and big hair, ready to beguile the crew (and who usually ended up dead by the end of the episode).

I love the original series because it was so absolutely unaware (I think) of how obviously it was just transposing the 1960s into the 23rd century.  It did show a lot of social and political progression; fashion progression, not so much.  That being the case, exhibit A in this series will be focusing on the 1969 episode The Way to Eden, which dealt with a favorite Star Trek cliche: space hippies.

Irina Galliulin appeared as Pavel Chekhov's ex-girlfriend, who was now caught up with a band of free spirited space hippies who spent their time playing music, looking for the Garden of Eden, and putting flowers in their hair.  Despite the undeniable weirdness of this, Irina is rocking some sweet retro-futuristic fashion.
 This is what I used to get a space age flower-child look:
Pale blue shadow and white eyeliner -- plus gel eyeliner drawn on for Twiggy-style lashes --works for a nice combo of natural and futuristic.
No space hippie ensemble is complete without false eyelashes.
Dress: clothes swap
Flower crown: handmade
 Products used:  
NYX eyeliner and wonderpencil concealer, ELF eyeshadow, ELF lipgloss stick in Pink Umbrellas, Sonia Kashuk white eyeliner, Maybelline gel eyeliner, Wet n' Wild blush, ELF dramatic lashes, and NYX eyeshadow

  • Ever take inspiration from a movie or TV show for an outfit?
  • Star Trek vs Star Wars: discuss.
  • Any favorite sci-fi babe you think is always on point, style-wise? 


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  2. So very, very beautiful! I utterly adore it when vintage/fashion/beauty bloggers weave other passions of their's into their looks like you've done here. It's important reminder that most of us have many other interests, too, not just the main one(s) we may opt to blog about more often than not.

    Big hugs & joyful (nearly) October wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you! I love retro-futuristic stuff and I'm glad I found a way to blog about it, too.
      Happy October! So glad it's finally Fall!


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