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Getting to Know: Jess of Fabuluster

When it came time for me and Doc to find wedding bands, we wanted something special and different.  Fabuluster was the answer, full stop.  Their handmade rings and pendants are perfect gifts for couples, parents, or even siblings.  Fabuluster is run by Brent and Jessica Williams, who live with their family in Maine.  Jess was kind enough to tell me some about their process at Fabuluster, how they got started making jewelry, and what family heirlooms are special to them.

Thank you for taking the time to talk!  Tell me a little about your team at Fabuluster.  How did you begin crafting jewelry?
Brent and I met at Maine College of Art where our major was Metalsmithing and jewelry.  It appealed to Brent because he was into sculpture and jewelry is small scale sculpture.  I went thinking I would major in photography, the department was full so I took a metalsmithing class.... I loved it.

How did you two originally find your creative outlets?
Both of us are curious, we like to make stuff with our hands.  We like being busy and doing things.  We don't sit still long.  We both have been that way as long as we can remember and our families have a history of creativity and industriousness.

What art, besides metalworking, do you practice regularly, if any?
I do all the photography for us. I like to take photos of life and kids.  I garden and do crafts with my kids.
Brent has recently gotten a welding setup and hopes that in the near future he will be making larger scale sculpture during his time off.

Tell me a little bit about the creative process, from the time you receive an order to the time you send it out to the client.Most of the time the process starts with an email from a curious shopper.  We email them back and forth with their wishes in a ring, time-frame and other details we need to make them happy.  After we receive payment, we ship them a kit.  (The kit contains materials to impress molds of your fingerprints for the process.)  When we receive the kit, Brent starts the process of making the model for their ring.  It goes through the hands of Brent, then Adam does the finish work, [then] quality control and then out the door.  The process to make the rings is around 6-8 weeks with our current work load.

Is there a set time of year that you may review your designs and focus on designing new pieces?  Or do you keep running notes for possible jewelry designs?
We are always looking at new ideas.  This is the fun part.  We have drawers of rings that may never see the light of day.  We have found though simplicity makes the most long term satisfaction in a ring.

What are the advantages or the challenges of working as a team with your spouse?
One advantage is we are both living our dream,  we are able to support ourselves and be near each other and our kids.  We are working to a common goal.  Challenges....well we are both always we have offices on separate floors :)

How do you balance the workload of custom orders with your family and daily life?
Balance??!  We make an effort to take weekends off.  We try to be focused on our family when we are not at work.  It is tricky and some days it doesn't feel balanced.

What are a couple of your favorite items that you’ve created?
We have made some memorial pieces that were very moving.  I love that our work will become part of someone's everyday life.

Do you ever create any jewelry specifically for yourself or each other?

Brent makes me jewelry all the time.... it is hard being a jewelers wife!  It is harder for me to make stuff for him....

You create items that people will likely cherish for the rest of their lives.  Do either of you have any jewelry or items that are dearly sentimental to you?
We keep EVERYTHING!  We are very sentimental!  I have teacups from my grandmother, trinkets from Brent's grandfather, my grandfather's tools.  We love the history of daily items. I wear my grandmothers monogram ring she gave me when I was sick with Lyme disease.  She told me to touch it and say, "I am well."  Eventually it worked.
I have boxes of things from when the kiddos were wee babes.  Sigh.
Ticket stubs from our first date.... playlists from our favorite bands concert, everything!

Visit Fabuluster on Etsy for more designs and custom-made jewelry!

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  1. That is a truly incredible spin on an age old classic. What a creative, awesome shop and product range. Love!!!

    ♥ Jessica


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