Thursday, May 28, 2015

DIY: Stamped Curtains

Since my introduction to Pinterest, I usually spend every night laying in bed and scrolling through project after project, and then I go to sleep wondering what I could possibly spray paint next...  When I started redecorating the guest room/office, I realized I needed curtains that fit the monochromatic color palette and rustic/utilitarian vibe better than my neon orange ones.  I had some white ones that had been sitting in the closet for a while, so I knew what I had to do: paint them.
Here's a quick DIY, if you want to give it a go.

1.  Supplies included two bottles of flat fabric paint, scissors, a sponge, and a measuring tape.

2.  I cut the sponge into a triangle, since that was the design I wanted on my curtains.  (The squishy yellow part of the sponge works better than the scrubbing side, since it collects more paint and distributes it more evenly.)

3.  I measured the curtains in half so I would know where to start stamping, in order for it to be a little more evenly spaced across.

4.  I squeezed some fabric paint on a paper plate, dabbed the sponge into it until it was even, and started stamping!  This project, stamping three lines on each curtain, definitely required two bottles of fabric paint.

5.  Cat helped.

6.  I let the curtains dry for a few hours, and then hung them up.  They turned out perfect for this room, adding just a little more interest to the window without being overpowering.

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