Saturday, December 29, 2012

Seeing Clearly with Style

If you're like me--chained to wearing eyeglasses or contacts for the foreseen future--you don't want an anachronistic pair of eyeglasses to wreck your vintage ensemble.  Do you?!  No.  You don't.

While many use kindly optician that will fit prescription lenses into vintage frames, it's sometimes hard to find said kindly optician.  I purchased my vintage style cateye frames at WalMart (don't judge me!!) but the price, once said and done, was absurdly high.

I present to you, then, some options for affordable and stylish vintage-style frames.  (If any of you have personally used these services, let me know and I can include your comments!)

1. Warby Parker

This company offers free shipping, and their eyeglasses are generally $95 (including lenses!).  What really draws me to them is that they offer the 'Home Try On' feature, where you pick out several pairs of glasses, try them on at home, and keep the one pair you liked.
Oh.  And they sell monocles, too.  How awesome is that?!

2. Lookmatic

This site is really sharp.  They have a virtual try on feature and their frames are generally priced at $95.  You can input your own prescription (standard lenses are free) or order them as reading glasses, which is a great option if you already know what kind of lenses and prescription you need.  Their styles are very streamlined and classic.

3.  Eyebobs

This is a site that provides reading glasses primarily, which can then be fitted with prescription lenses afterwards.  But their styles are more like "retro-with-flash," and are better if you're looking for something more trendy to go with your vintage looks.

So there you have a few options!  Now you can go out into the world, prepared and able to see through those stylish things on your face.  There, don't you look nice?

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