Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rediscovered Shoes

An outfit I wore over the weekend.  The blazer is Forever 21; the shirt is from Target; faux seamed stockings by Vasserette; and a skirt from the back of my closet, origins unknown.  :-}
I've been seeing so many cute oxford-style shoes online, it prompted me to find the pair I had purchased at (gasp!!) Payless a few years ago.  I always thought they were too chunky to wear with skirts, but it actually gave my outfit a nice 'vintage' touch.

I had to include a close-up.  (What, they're my new favorite shoes!  Mustn't let them feel unappreciated...)


  1. YES! Truly Smashing.....And the best reason to KEEP everything ;-)
    You never know when bits and pieces will come together to make a fabulous
    fashion statement. Mimi 8^)

  2. mix of corporate and flapper. nice ensemble.

  3. I love your shoes and what a great photo!

  4. These look great! I used to have some like this and I wore them to death... I actually have a similar pair (not as nice as these!) that I couldn't bring with me to Germany, but I was forced to buy them in Russia "for walking". The Russias thought my flat shoes were not sensible because they were too "low" at the front, so they made me buy some high heels that were "high" at the front - never mind the impracticality of walking all day in heels!

    1. Goodness, I can't imagine heels ever being considered as practical! :}

  5. Russian girls wear six inch heels to go walking in...!


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