Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baggage Claim

And now, Smokey will help me to present my newest thrift store finds...

This is (I'm told) a 1930's era suitcase, which I found for only $12 at an antique store.

 The interior is beautiful and in very good condition.

 This one is from the 1950's (apologies for the lack of an overall photo; my camera was acting up).  Despite being the newer of the two, it's actually more damaged; but it's very cool to see a lady's name and address still typed on it's tag.
This one (and a lot of others there) were only $5 a piece.  This one is sturdier than the 1930s piece, but neither would survive on a commercial airline flight.  This is strictly road-trip luggage.

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  1. Lovely Find ! I think the name tag is the best part...a connection to previous owner. (If luggage could speak,...oh, the tales it could tell)
    And it's interesting that the address has a zip code. US started using them in 1963, so this piece was still being used then. Curiosity led me to this site: http://zipboundary.com/zipcode_faqs.html
    ( trivial but interesting )
    And HAPPY LEAP DAY to you and your readers!
    ;-) MimiMom


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