Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Homemade Bookmarks

Last month, my husband and I got a little carried away making bookmarks.  We ended up with 11 of them after about an hour!  So they're pretty easy and inexpensive to create.  Here are some directions, with photos for the DIY challenged (like myself).

So, to start, all you need is: super glue or tacky glue, some pretty scrapbooking paper, scissors, clear contact paper, a single hole punch, and some ribbon or twine.

Measure or estimate how much paper is need to fold over evenly.  Then cut.  Wheeeee, scissors!  Ahem.

Put a little glue on the inside..... 

Beautiful, dahhling...

Now smush it with a heavy book for a little while.  Go have a cup of tea.  

Now, measure it against the grid on the contact paper.  Leave a little extra room at each side, to trim away later.

 Fold it over, like an... uh... omelet...?

 Trim away the excess.  Take your time, to make sure it's straight and even.
Punch a hole in the center of the top and thread some ribbon or twin through it.  (I sometimes use hemp cord because it comes in lovely colors, but ribbons lay down better and tie more easily.)

 And this, my friend, is how you read novels/cookbooks/operating manuals in style.

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