Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello, etc.

Welcome, all! I'm Mrs. Williams, the curator of this place.

(That's me, with Mr. Williams following)

Since I'm great fan of all things retro (and some things repro), I finally decided to make a space for myself on the internet to rant and suchlike. I do hope you will stick around as this blog gets established; I plan to share anything from artwork I've completed to outfit posts;I also hope to chat with other lovers of fashion, art, movies, and so on. ;)


  1. Welcome to the blog-world! :) After starting my own blog last May I noticed how addictive it got after a while. Especially when I noticed I got more and more followers who enjoyed reading what I wrote about! I will be watching you... :) xx

  2. Thank you! Very nice to meet you. :)


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