Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Formal Lego Party

Last spring, we decided to have (quite possibly) the world's first ever 'formal Lego party.'  Three teams competed to complete a structure first, with the prize being: candy.  Lots and lots of candy.
Many cupcakes were eaten, much fun was had, and it was declared a rousing success.
Here are some photos of the chaos/fun....

One of our younger guests was accidentally ensnared.
Mr. Williams taking a break for chess
(Oh, aren't we so classy, with that
frozen pizza in the background?)


  1. What a great idea. I would like to have been part of it and maybe I can organize such a party for my friends too. By the way you and Mr Williams are really good looking. Have a happy new year 2012. Hugs from Germany!

  2. Thank you!  You should have your own party; it was so much fun and really easy to prepare for.  :) Thanks for visiting my blog!


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